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Nature’s Solution Organic Compost Tea

NATURE’S SOLUTION COMPOST TEA is used for plants in your organic garden, hyroponics, and agriculture. Our organic compost tea comes ready for you to use in your garden in a special patented system — a “breathable” bag inisde a box. Air comes into the package creating an oxygen-rich environment for a long shelf life.

Nature’s Solution Mycorrhizal Fungi

Where Science and Nature Meet “Special Hydroponics Formula”

  • Use when planting and transplanting
  • May assist plants with the uptake of nutrients
  • For use in soil, soilless, and hydroponic growing

Nature’s Solution Compost Tea Brewer/Extractor

These are completely stainless steel compost tea brewers and extractors. They have a basket inside where you put the compost and nutrients. There are special tea dispensing valves and an additional cleaning valve at the bottom. There is a thermometer attached directly to the brewer where you can see the temperature of the brew. There are ingredient/nutrient packets ready-to-go for those people that own these brewers.


Sustainable products for growing with biology for home gardening, landscaping, agriculture, hydroponics, and horticulture.

Charlie's Peanut Farm increased Yield 20%

Charlie applied knowledge he learned in the Life in the Soil Classes to increase the yield by 20% by applying two applications of Compost Tea.


Read about growers applying biological regenerative practices in all kinds of growing systems, stopping chemical inorganic fertilizer and pesticide applications.

ECI Students Making a Difference!

See how Beth Goodwin transformed a desert into a vegetable oasis in Lirhanzo Children’s Village in Chikombedzi, Zimbabwe

Peaceful Belly Farm

Look what they have done with this 30 acre farm.

Success Stories & Student Activities

Nutrient Cycling with Compost Tea

Microorganisms maintain a symbiotic relationship with plants. The symbiotic relationship that pathogenic microorganisms form with planes will harm or kill them. The symbiotic relationship that beneficial microorganisms form with plants enhances growth and health and protects them from attacks by pathogenic microorganisms.

Infused With Life: How microbes work in your plant growing system

Growing successfully in an organic system is impossible without the use of beneficial microbes. However, you can­not simply switch from synthetic to organic. Using beneficial microbes in a plant growing system requires a different set of growing parameters than are used in a totally syn­thetic system, whether a hydroponics, soil-based or soil less environment.

How Compost Tea Works

Microbes Form a Symbiotic Relationship with Plants Leaf, stem, flower, root, seed-surface, soil particles and soilless media are all places where communities of beneficial microorganism species should live. Each plant selects different sets of species of organisms for different environmental growing conditions.

Compost Tea in Plant Growing Systems

Compost tea is a liquid produced by extracting these organisms, adding ap­propriate amounts and types of foods, and by maintaining aerobic conditions, so the beneficial organisms are selected and grow.

Application Parameters for Using Compost Tea

Organic matter that we add into our plant growing systems provide nutrients that microorganisms immobilize and retain. Microorganisms transform nutrients into a plant-available form.

Nature’s Solution Sea Kelp

Trace Minerals For Your Plants! Nature’s Solution Sea Kelp is a truly water-soluble powdered form of Ascophyllum Nodosuum from Iceland. This sea kelp will not clump, but instantly dissolves in water. This is the highest food grade quality sea kelp available made without chemicals

Nature’s Solution Ancient Humate

NATURE’S SOLUTION ANCIENT HUMATE is 5% Humic Acid and used for organic gardening in your home and garden, hydroponics, and agriculture for all plants — roses, orchids, shrubs, trees, vegetable garden, tomato plants, lawn, and tropical plants.

Nature’s Solution Worm Castings

Builds Soil And Feeds Your Plants! Nature’s Solution Worm Castings are 99.4% pure castings, which are dark brown, not black (which would indicate anaerobic conditions).

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