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Compost Tea and Extract Class

COMPOST TEA AND COMPOST EXTRACT CLASS DESCRIPTION (Compost Tea and Compost Extract Class is Closed to New Students)

You will learn how to start making compost tea and compost extract in these lecture-demonstration hands-on approach classes with an experienced Microbiologist as your Instructor. We will cover the processes that will maximize biological diversity to get the most bang for your buck. Actively Aerated Compost Tea (AACT) and Liquid Compost Extract (LCE) are the most efficient methods for bringing back microbe diversity. This allows you to eliminate inorganic fertilizers and herbicides which decrease diversity and degrade soil health. You will learn how to set up Actively Aerated Compost Tea and Compost Extract for analysis, what materials to use in your teas and in what proportions.

Registration is now open for the self-paced Compost Tea and Compost Extract Class and you can start now.

10 Video Class Sessions
8 Recorded Webinars
67 Video Slides
113 Pages of Video Text
10 .mp3 Audio Files
9 Quizzes and Feedback

We need to know how to make compost tea that will contain the full set of organisms needed, at high biomass and activity levels. Depending on what you want to do, choose the method of supplying the organisms your soil needs to become healthy (from the point of view of the plant you want to grow) once again. Therefore, in this online class you will learn about controlling conditions so that beneficial organisms will win the day, not the disease or pest organisms. The source of the beneficial organisms is the compost, by definition an aerobic material. If it is hard to apply compost on your property, then consider whether a liquid form of that compost would be easier. Extract or tea? That depends on what you are trying to achieve.

  • Replenish beneficial soil organism with liquid forms of compost
  • Balance the soil organisms for desired plants, not weeds
  • End the use of toxic pesticides, inorganic fertilizers, and herbicides
  • Learn how to maximize biological diversity
  • Learn how to make protozoan infusions and nematode extractions

Find out how to make aerobic compost tea and extracts and reduce costs by removing toxic inorganic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides from your life and your plant’s life. Set up the conditions that allow no foothold for disease-causing fungi, bacteria or pests to establish themselves. make the root zone of your plants a place that yield-reducing root grubs and nematodes will not enter. Tailor the soil to support the growth of the plants you want, not the weeds, that you don’t want. These sessions will demystify how to easily make high quality compost extracts and teas to replenish beneficial organisms in the soil and on all plant surfaces. See your garden or farm come to life without hours of back-breaking work.

You will be able to access all video class sessions and recorded webinars for up to one year from the date you purchased the class, but these may not be downloaded. You will be able to view the 30-90 minute class video session at your convenience. There are no set times for viewing the sessions. We ask that you complete the quiz for each session before proceeding to the next video.

You are welcome to download the other class materials and keep them with you forever for reference – Video Text Transcriptions, Video Slides, Quizzes and Feedback, and the Audio Recordings.

Compost Tea and Compost Extract Class Sessions (10 Sessions)

Session 1 – Overview of Compost Tea and Compost Extract
Session 2 – Organisms in Compost Tea and Compost Extract
Session 3 – Different Kinds of Teas, Brewers, and Ingredients
Session 4 – Factors Involved in Making Good Compost Tea
Session 5 – Feeding Organisms and Different Brewers
Session 6 – Aerobic Brewing Process and Application
Session 7 – Examples of Benefits of Compost Tea
Session 8 – Demonstration of Making Compost Tea
Session 9 – Protozoan Infusion
Session 10 – Nematode Extraction



These Classes cover the processes that will maximize biological diversity needed for your plants. Eliminate inorganic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides that decrease diversity and degrade soil health.

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