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Life In The Soil Online Classes

(All Classes are now open for enrollment for New Students – Special 50% Discount until October 31, 2018)

There are four Life In The Soil classes available:

1) Life In The Soil Class

2) Compost Class

3) Compost Tea and Compost Extract Class

4) Microscope Class

Class Materials

Class materials for all four classes combined include – 47 Videos, 47 Audio Tapes, 47 Video Transcripts (over 1000 pages), 599 Video Slides, 47 Recorded Webinars, 47 Quizzes and Feedback. The classes are self-paced and you have access to class materials for one year from the date you sign up.  

Raye “Thanks! This class has been a terrific step in building on the knowledge I have gained from university education and time in the field. I intend to put it to good use.”

What You Learn

These are intensive classes to learn about the biological regeneration for farmers, landscapers, ranchers, creators and distributors of agricultural products, waste management professionals, soil and garden enthusiasts of all types, and anyone who touches the earth. Simply put, this information needs to be central to any sustainable agriculture or land management practice. Nature gives growers clues with respect to what is wrong, if the information is read properly. If the proper biology is not present, then the soil is sick. Put the beneficial organisms back into the soil.  Make good compost, aerobic, high diversity, well-balanced, and add it to the soil.  Or if applying a solid is too difficult, turn that compost into an extract or a tea.  Compost, and therefore compost extract and compost tea are all aerobic materials.  Aerobic organisms are what give the benefit to plants.

Christine B. “I am having so much fun learning about life in the Soil! What a beautiful job you have done on the website. Congratulations!”

Practical Knowledge

If you are a farmer that wants to transition from using synthetic fertilizers to a more organic approach, if you are a greenhouse horticulturist who wants to grow even bigger and better plants and start a more biological approach, if you are a viticulturist or an arborist or a landscape contractor who has customers that are seeking more organic products and ways of growing, or if you are a home gardener wanting to feed your family more nutritious food that you produce in your backyard, we have classes for you. The classes that all levels of expertise can understand and practical knowledge that you can immediately integrate into your growing systems whether you have 1/2 an acre of 10,000 acres or over 100,000 acres.

Tim W. “I’ve just finished up with the self-paced life in the soil course (loved it!)” 

Learn to Apply Principles from Mother Nature

The information on these videos will open your mind to new ways of approaching domestic and commercial growing situations based on research studying Mother Nature and soil biological requirements found in Natural Growing Systems. You won’t find this information in any Univesity Course or in any textbook. The knowledge you will learn has been gathered form around the world in all types of growing situations – from deserts to tropical islands to agricultural regions and snow-covered mountains. You will become privileged to have access to jaw-dropping information not available anywhere else on the web. Read what some of the students are saying about the classes below:

Daniel J. “I just wanted to thank you guys for offering such informative courses. I just had to take the time to tell you guys from the bottom of my heart thank you so much. I am extremely glad that I decided to take the courses offered by ECI.  I just wanted to let you guys know how grateful I am.”

Comments from Students

Joshua V. ” Thanks so much Carole. I have really loved the course and learned so much. Not just interesting facts and questions but really practical information and skills that I can now apply. It has been an amazing journey of exploration into a different world of such beauty and function. I look forward to continuing my understanding and application of the information and techniques (and) use all (that) Environment Celebration have taught me. Thank you all so much, please pass on my sincere appreciation to all the team.”

Carter J.  “Thanks for the wonderful / rare information.” 

Allison “I just finished the Life in the Soil Class online and enjoyed it very much. It really pulled a lot of the pieces I had been learning from various other sources into a very coherent package. I really feel that I learned a lot and I am very excited to apply my knowledge to my farming operation. I am very much looking forward to completing the compost, compost tea and microscope classes in the very near future.”

Joshua B. “The class was very enjoyable and I learned some wonderful new aspects for composting.” 

Nighat H. “I absolutely loved the first session, very informative and nicely structured.”

Sarah B. “Thanks for putting this site (the soil microbe library as part of the microscope class) together. It is a great companion to the microscope class. I have found the site to be well organized and very helpful. I know that I pay for these classes but I want to thank you for the way the content is organized and delivered, from the lecture sequence to how the content is displayed and accessed on the website. I am very impressed all the way around. The information is presented is very exciting and very actionable.”

Keli R. “I’m loving your class. I don’t understand why all soil scientists don’t approach soil fertility through the lens of soil biology. Thanks again for putting this class together. I’m having such a great time. Looking forward to the sessions to come.”

Ido A. “I’m learning a lot. Thank you.”

Cathy F. “I am so grateful for what I have learned. Thanks again.”