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Life In The Soil Online Classes

There are four Life In The Soil classes available:

1) Life In The Soil Class

2) Compost Class

3) Compost Tea Class

4) Microscope Class

Now you can take the “Life In The Soil” Workshops online as a Class. These are intensive courses to learn about the soil foodweb for farmers, landscapers, ranchers, creators and distributors of agricultural products, waste management professionals, soil and garden enthusiasts of all types, and anyone who touches the earth. Simply put, this information needs to be central to any sustainable agriculture or land management practice. Nature gives growers clues with respect to what is wrong, if the information is read properly. If the proper biology is not present, then the soil is sick. Put the beneficial organisms back into the soil.  Make good compost, aerobic, high diversity, well-balanced, and add it to the soil.  Or if applying a solid is too difficult, turn that compost into an extract or a tea.  Compost, and therefore compost extract and compost tea are all aerobic materials.  Aerobic organisms are what give the benefit to plants.