Environment Celebration Institute


Dr. Carole Ann Rollins
Executive Director, President and Founder of ECI

James Eddington
Vice President and Operations Manager

Dustin Eli Brunson

Objectives and Purpose of The Environment Celebration Institute (ECI)
This corporation is a nonprofit public benefit corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for charitable purposes. The primary objectives of this non-profit corporation are to (1) promote, develop and provide sustainable green practices and related educational materials for adults and children, (2) to promote respect for and appreciation of the natural environment whether in urban, rural, or wilderness areas, (3) to support scientific research for sustainable green practices for agriculture and home gardening, (4) to promote the sustainable use of our natural resources, and (5) to promote peace, harmony, and dignity among all living beings.

Dr. Carole Ann Rollins is the Executive Director, President and Founder of ECI. Carole and her husband, James Eddington distribute and manufacture organic gardening products under the trademark Nature’s Solution and organic gardening books written by Dr. Rollins as a source of capital for ECI operations. James handles the manufacturing and distribution of the organic gardening products and books. Carole does the marketing, consultation, and supervision of the online biological agriculture classes. Carole has co-written, edited and compiled six books. She has co-written and published several articles on organic gardening. She has a PhD in Environmental Science, M.A. in Environmental Education, B.A. in Conservation of Natural Resources, and a B.A. in Architecture from U.C. Berkeley and University of Nevada. First Lady Hillary Clinton honored her in 2001 for one of the White House Millennium Council’s, Millennium Green Projects. She has received numerous grants from the California State Board of Education, The National Wildlife Foundation, and The Golden Gate Audubon Society. She was the student commencement speaker for The U.C. Berkeley College of Agricultural Science Graduation Ceremony. She started an interdepartmental studies course in Environmental Education and Design at U.C. Berkeley that she coordinated for four years.

Currently ECI is offering organic gardening products for biological, regenerative, sustainable and organic agriculture – products hat can be used in soil, hydroponic, or soilless growing systems. The products are for farmers that want to transition from using synthetic fertilizers to a more organic approach, or for greenhouse horticulturists who want to grow even bigger and better plants and start with a more biological approach, or for viticulturists or arborists or landscape contractors who have customers that are seeking more organic products and ways of growing, or for home gardeners wanting to feed their families more nutritious food that they can produce in their backyard.

“By giving people, young and old, a chance to touch and feel the earth, to experience the magic of Mother Nature, I believe that we will all grow to embrace and hold that magic in our hearts. When we go to pass appropriate legislation to protect our planet and all the natural wonders on it, we will feel a commitment, we will feel it in our hearts with all the warmth and empathy as we would in nurturing a child growing up. We will pass the legislation not only from our intellectual knowledge that we know it is the right thing to do, but we will pass that legislation from a love in our hearts to protect and preserve all living beings on our planet earth. I believe that if we only pass legislation from our intellect and not from our hearts, that we probably don’t have a chance. But if we can have the passion and come from a place of heartfelt love, I know our planet will prevail.” Written by Dr. Carole Ann Rollins, November 7, 2018.


Carole Ann Rollins, PhD. President