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NOTICE TO CURRENT STUDENTS: You may have received communications that may appear to be from ECI regarding access to your courses. We have just been informed that these messages appear to come from info@environmentcelebration.com but are not authorized.  Such communications offer saying “To top it all, we want the course to be risk-free and that’s why we offer a 100%, Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee.” This is false and is not ECI policy. These are not from ECI and are unauthorized though they appear to be from us. ECI is not responsible for anything contained in any offers, emails, or messages from this solicitation. You may continue with your courses as ECI has promised and certified according to our Terms of Use as published by ECI. Any other Terms of Use are not from ECI and are not the responsibility of ECI.”

Elaine Ingham or the Soil Food Web are no longer associated with ECI and have not been since August 8, 2018.