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NOTICE TO CURRENT STUDENTS: You may have received communications that may appear to be from ECI regarding access to your courses. We have just been informed that these messages appear to come from info@environmentcelebration.com but are not authorized.  Such communications offer saying “To top it all, we want the course to be risk-free and that’s why we offer a 100%, Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee.” This is false and is not ECI policy. These are not from ECI and are unauthorized though they appear to be from us. ECI is not responsible for anything contained in any offers, emails, or messages from this solicitation. You may continue with your courses as ECI has promised and certified according to our Terms of Use as published by ECI. Any other Terms of Use are not from ECI and are not the responsibility of ECI.”

How much do the classes cost?

Life in the Soil Class – $1997

Compost Class – $997

Compost Tea Class – $997

Microscope Class – $997

How do I register for a Class?


1.  To register for a class add the class(es) to your shopping cart.

2.  Complete the check-out process — take note of the email address and password you fill in as this is your login information.

3.  Once you complete payment you will automatically be sent a welcome email.

4.  Click the login button to the website using your email address as your username and the password you previously entered.

6.  Proceed to the Education -> My Classes page

7.  Choose the class you would like to begin and step through each lesson

8.  Upon completion of the course with passing grade on all the quizzes you will be presented with a certificate of completion.

How am I graded for each Class?


Each class is comprised of lessons.  Each lessons requires you to complete a quiz.  After completing all the quizzes for the class, as well as, the final quiz you will receive an average quiz score for that class.

If your average quiz score for the given class is 90% or higher you will receive a Certification of Completion with ” distinction”.

If your average quiz score for the given class is between 90% and 70% will receive a Certification of Completion with “Honor”.

If your average quiz score for the given class is lower than 70% we will ask you to retake the class to receive a Certificate of Completion

What's the difference in taking Classes online vs in-person workshops?


The material is the same in either the live “in-person” workshop or the class online. The difference is that in the online class you have access to the videos and transcripts for one year, so you can watch them over and over to review and you will have the additional webinars with each class and practice session webinars with the Microscope Class when you take it online.


Do any Classes have a hands-on component?


The Life In The Soil Class consists of 18 online video sessions with no hands on components. There are many practical examples within those 18 videos of real life applications.

Compost, Compost Tea, and Microscope classes each have online video sessions that have more hands-on demonstrations of How to make compost, How to make compost tea, and How to use a microscope.

The Microscope Class has 2 practice session webinars.

How many Classes are held during the year?


All classes are Self-Paced and On-Going — so you can sign up anytime.

What if I don't have a Paypal account?


On the checkout screen you can either pay directly with a credit card or using your paypal account.

If you’d like you can sign up for a paypal account if you want to at www.paypal.com.

You can also call us at (530) 712-9035 and give us your credit card information over the phone and we can accept your payment without using Paypal.

Or you can mail us a check for the amount of the class. Make checks out to ECI and send to: Environment Celebration Institute, 2330 Bird Street, Oroville, CA 95965.

When can I see the videos?
Videos are accessible all the time.  You can watch all the videos for all the classes in any order you choose.  Our recommendation is to watch each video and then take the quiz for that class.  You will need to successfully complete all the quizzes for a class to receive a certificate of completion.
Can I download the videos or recorded webinars?

No you may not download the videos or the recorded webinars. You may download the video text, video slides,  audio recordings, quizzes and feedback – one copy for your own personal use only. You may not distribute, reproduce, or email, send, post any of these materials anywhere, including social media sites.