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Life in the Soil Class


An experienced Microbiologist will be your Instructor and teach you how our soil teams with a multitude of organisms which provide the necessary work for healthy plants to grow free from disease, pests, and infertility. These interconnected interactions and feeding relationships (quite literally “who eats who”) help determine the types of nutrients present in soil, its depth, and pH, and even the types of plants which can grow.

Registration is now open for the self-paced Life in the Soil Class and you can start immediately.

18 Video Class Sessions
23 Recorded Webinars
300 Video Slides
315 Pages of Video Text
18 .mp3 Audio Files
19 Quizzes and Feedback

Healthy soil has all the interconnected elements of a “web retaining and cycling nutrients into the right forms at the right rates for each individual while building soil structure,, suppressing disease-causing organisms, protecting plant surfaces, producing plant-growth-promoting hormones and chemicals, and decomposing toxic compounds. In this class you’ll look at the elements of a healthy soil foodweb.

  • Why is understanding soil health so important?
  • Why are fungal to bacterial ratios are important?
  • What is the secret that fertilizer salesmen don’t want you to know?
  • Why is soil compaction so bad?
  • Why are roots of plants prevented from growing deep into soil?

You will learn the basic principles of the soil and its foodweb, plant relationships, and bacteria to fungi ratios in these 18 Class Sessions. Not only will you gain a fundamental understanding of the way soil biology drives plant nutrition, you will learn how modern agriculture selects for diseases and pests. A must for anyone wanting a complete understanding of soil health and healthy plants.

You will be able to access all video class sessions and recorded webinars for up to one year from the date you purchased the class, but these may not be downloaded. You will be able to view the 30-90 minute class video session at your convenience. There are no set times for viewing the sessions. We ask that you complete the quiz for each session before proceeding to the next video. You are welcome to download the other class material and keep them with you forever for reference – Video Text Transcriptions, Video Slides, Quizzes and Feedback, and the Audio Recordings.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion if you average 70% quiz scores or better. It will be emailed to you once your classes are complete.


Life in the Soil Class (18 Sessions)

Session 1 – Overview of Organisms In Soil 
Session 2 – Appearance Of Microorganisms In Soil 
Session 3 – The Morphology Of Predator Organisms 
Session 4 – A Healthy Food Web 
Session 5 – Assessing Soil 
Session 6 – Soil Profiles And Horizons 
Session 7 – Mineral, Organic Matter, and Organism Interaction 
Session 8 – How Microorganisms Affect Soil Chemistry 
Session 9 – Castle Walls That Plants Build
Session 10 – The Green Revolution? 
Session 11 – Nutrient Cycling and Nitrogen Cycle 
Session 12 – Soil Depth 
Session 13 – Conditions In All Ecosystems 
Session 14 – Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditions 
Session 15 – Practical Examples Of Different Kinds Of Systems 
Session 16 – Biology Working In Real World Situations 
Session 17 – More Real Life Examples of Practical Applications 
Session 18 – How Much Organic Matter Is Too Much Organic Matter 

The Classes will be your guide and teach you about what these organisms do in the soil, who the organisms are, and really, to help you understand the conditions that are going to select for the beneficial organisms in the soil or select for the detrimental organisms in the soil.

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