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We are excited to be able to offer Online Classes of videos with the most up-to-date current research and information about Life in The Soil, Regenerative Agriculture, Sustainable Agriculture, and Organic Gardening. The information is presented in an easy to understand approach for helping you transition from chemical to organic growing in any climate and growing environment around the world. The Classes offered are self-paced classes. Four Brand new video have been added – (1) an Updated Demonstration of Making Compost, (2) an Updated Demonstration of Making Compost Tea and Compost Extract, (3) Brand new video demonstration of making a Protozoan Infusion and (4) Brand new video demonstration of making a Nematode Extraction. Registration is now open for all of the self-paced classes:

Life in the Soil Class (Closed to New Students)

18 Video Sessions, 23 Recorded Webinars, 300 Slides, 315 pages text, 18 audio files, 19 quizzes

Compost Class (Closed to New Students)

9 Video Sessions, 8 Recorded Webinars, 69 Slides, 133 pages text, 9 audio files, 10 quizzes

Compost Tea and Compost Extract Class (Closed to New Students)

10 Video Sessions, 8 Recorded Webinars, 67 Slides, 113 pages text, 10 audio files, 9 quizzes

Microscope Class (Closed to New Students)

10 Video Sessions, 8 Recorded Webinars, 163 Slides, 140 pages text, 10 audio files, 10 quizzes

If you are a farmer that wants to transition from using synthetic fertilizers to a more organic approach, if you are a greenhouse horticulturist who wants to grow even bigger and better plants and starts with a more biological approach, if you are a viticulturist or an arborist or a landscape contractor who has
customers that are seeking more organic products and ways of growing, or if you are a home gardener wanting to feed your family more nutritious food that you produce in your backyard we have classes that all levels of expertise can understand, and practical knowledge that you can immediately integrate into your growing systems whether you have 1/2 an acre or 10,000 acres or over 100,000 acres.

  • Learn how to transform dirt into biologically active soil
  • Learn how to create healthy soil and healthy plants
  • Learn how to transition from Chemical to Sustainable Growing
  • Learn how to eliminate diseases and decrease water usage
  • Learn how to improve productivity, yields, and nutrient content

The information on these videos will open your mind to new ways of approaching domestic growing situations based on research studying Mother Nature and soil biology requirements found in Natural Growing Systems. The knowledge presented is from around the world in all types of growing situations from deserts to tropical isles to snow-covered mountains. You will be able to access all video class sessions and recorded webinars for up to one year from the date you purchased the class, but these may not be downloaded. You will be able to download and keep with you forever the other class materials – Video text, Video Slides, Quizzes and Feedback,and the Audio Recording. You will receive a Certificate of Completion if you receive 70% or greater average on the quiz scores. The Certificate will be emailed to you at the end of each class.

The videos are energetic and easy-to-understand material explaining what life in the soil is all about. The videos and webinars have helped homeowners, growers, and large-scale companies understand healthy soil via healthy organisms. Sophisticated, scientific information is transmitted in a down-to-earth way. The Environment Celebration Institute’s mission, as a non-profit, is to show you the key to making any plant thrive, from the turf on golf courses to vegetables in the garden is to team up with suitable soil microbes. The videos present astounding results. The biological regeneration material presented connects the loop from chemical – biological -to available plant nutrients. The videos and webinars bring the transition to biological agriculture to life. Come join us for the Online Class Sessions of Life in the Soil, Compost, Compost Tea and Compost Extract and Microscope Training!

You will learn how to replicate Mother Nature’s Biological Regenerative Growing System.

You will learn how to increase yields without increasing costs.

You will learn how to decrease water usage without sacrificing quality.