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Certification Step 3 (closed to new students until further notice)



Step 3 involves making three consecutive compost teas and 3 consecutive compost extracts from the composts that you have made in Step 2. You will be following the instructions from the compost tea / extract class that you took, the certification program information on the website, and the guidance provided by your mentor.

• Document the recipe used
• Document the biology produced for each tea and extract made
• Submit data for approval

During this part of your training, we ask for payment of fees based on five hours mentoring time to work through the process of making three good compost extracts and three good compost teas. If you require more time than five hours of mentoring, then you will need to pay for additional hours until you achieve the goal of making good compost extracts and compost teas and your mentor approves your work.

(5 hours mentoring at $35 an hour)

Note: Generally, students take between 1 to 2 year to complete the full certification process.


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