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Certification Step 4 (closed to new students until further notice)



Step 4 starts when the quality of your composts, extracts and teas are approved. You will then put together your plan for converting the land you have chosen into a biologically managed plant production system. The endpoint desired is up to you to define, but the necessary food web structure must be achieved to allow all the benefits of a good food web to occur. Healthy plant growth must be achieved. We will work with you to optimize the plan, and then you will implement that plan.

• Submit land site choice
• Create your plan for the land to be converted
• Submit your plan and make any changes
• Set up the calendar to implement your plan
• Document and submit results
• Submit success story

For most people, once they have mastered making good compost (i.e., a good food web in the compost), the process of converting land to a condition of health for the plants desired takes a full growing season. Additionally, you will need to make certain that you complete the documentation needed to show that the conversion has occurred.

Putting the plan together and implementing it typically requires 20 hours of mentoring time through the year-long period that it usually takes to achieve your goal of converting land from dirt into soil. Just as with developing good compost, if you use up all the pre-paid mentoring time, additional hourly charges will be applied.

Once you successfully perform this conversion, submitted your data, and your summary success story, and these submissions have been approved, you will be added to the list of Certified Soil Life Consultants on our websites, and be included in on-going opportunities to work with clients from around the world, if you so desire.

(20 hours mentoring at $35 an hour)

Note: Generally, students take between 1 to 2 year to complete the full certification process.


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