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Nature’s Solution Ancient Humate


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1 Quart Makes 16 Gallons — 1 Gallon Makes 64 Gallons

NATURE’S SOLUTION ANCIENT HUMATE is 5% Humic Acid and used for organic gardening in your home and garden, hydroponics, and agriculture for all plants — roses, orchids, shrubs, trees, vegetable garden, tomato plants, lawn, and tropical plants. Ancient Humate may aid in micronutrient uptake of the plants in your garden. Use Ancient Humate for all your garden plants — indoor and outdoor in organic gardening containers or soil. 1 Quart makes 16 Gallons.

Use Nature’s Solution Organic Ancient Humate with Nature’s Solution Compost Tea, Mycorrhizae, Sea Kelp, and Worm Castings for all your organic gardening plants. Mix 4 tablespoons of Organic Ancient Humate with 1 gallon of water and apply weekly to your organic garden plants. Use Ancient Humate as an organic gardening supplement as directed. This product can be used in hydroponic reservoirs as well as any soil application. Use it in home gardens, large-scale agricultural crop production, orchards, vineyards, golf courses, or school yard gardening programs.

Nature's Solution Products are allowed for organic gardening production through CDFA. Nature's Solution Products are also distributed through Hydrofarm. For bulk orders Send an email to Carole.

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