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Nature’s Solution Sea Kelp


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Trace Minerals For Your Plants! Nature’s Solution Sea Kelp is a truly water-soluble powdered form of Ascophyllum Nodosuum from Iceland. This sea kelp will not clump, but instantly dissolves in water. This is the highest food grade quality sea kelp available made without chemicals. Our sea kelp is in the form of a kelp powder and not a kelp meal. You can use much less of this powdered form.A small package goes a long way.

This is a food/nutrient for microorganisms in Compost Tea and Mycorrhizae. Use Sea Kelp with Nature’s Solution Compost Tea, Ancient Humate, Worm Castings, and Mycorrhizae. Use on all indoor and outdoor plants. Apply to gardens, vegetables, and lawns. This is the highest food grade quality sea kelp available made without chemicals. You can use far less of this product than any other form of granular kelp or kelp meal. With our fine powdered kelp the microbes can utilize it much more readily because of the smaller particle size.

Mix 1 tablespoon of dry kelp with 5 gallons of water. Apply every 2 weeks for lawns. Apply every 3-4 weeks for flowers, shrubs, and trees. Use directly on soil or spray on plants. Dilution rate 1/8 teaspoon and 4 cups of water. 8 ounces makes 40 gallons.

Nature's Solution Products are allowed for organic gardening production through CDFA. Nature's Solution Products are also distributed through Hydrofarm. For bulk orders Send an email to Carole.

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