Environment Celebration Institute

Soil Life Consultants

These Consultants have completed or are completing their Certified Consultant Training. Each person has been trained to evaluate a variety of growing situations. They have learned how to access the presence or lack of biology. Each have then been trained how to improve the biological growing conditions to increase the crop yields, lower the water usage, increase the nutrient cycling, and decrease inorganic fertilizer and pesticide usage. They are ready to help you transition from chemical farming to biologically regenerative growing systems whether in soil, greenhouses, or soilless hydroponic conditions. These Soil Life Consultants can help you improve your organic growing environments. The listings below give the person’s name, their location, and contact information. Our Consultants do their work via skype, email, text, and phone and site visits. Some consultants are available to travel around the world and work with you on your property wherever you are located. You are also welcome to contact the Environment Celebration Institute directly about your project and we can provide recommendations of which Consultant may be best suited for your needs.


Soil Life Consultants: