Environment Celebration Institute


I see the potential for this knowledge to bring about a much needed revolution to our agriculture, gardening, bioremediation and overall effective earth stewardship. I have enjoyed my studies immensely.


I have dedicated my professional life to helping clients preserve their trees and landscape plants. Through my educational journey I have learned a lot but always seem to find more questions that I cannot fully explain and thus leave my clients with incomplete answers and sometimes incorrect treatments. The soil food web has provided the missing puzzle piece and has helped me to understand how nature works. The lessons learned have not only helped me to explain things I was already doing but have more importantly helped me to understand the complex interactions that I have been unknowingly destroying through use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. It is truly amazing that I have been able to learn more in this course over a short period of time than what I have been able to learn on the track to become a master arborist. Please accept my humble gratitude for opening my eyes and changing my life. I cannot wait to develop my skill set and help others to bring health back to the soil! 

G. Ginzel

I know that I pay for these classes but I want to thank you for the way the content is organized and delivered, from the lecture sequence to how the content is displayed and accessed on the website. I am very impressed all the way around. The information presented is very exciting and very actionable.
S. Brooks

For the first time I have found a profession that touches upon my personal sense of fulfillment and needs: helping others/environment, teaching, writing, continuous personal growth & challenge, working in nature, gardening, and sharing with my sons the importance of stewardship of the earth. And the more I learned in the classes the more I wanted to know and wanted to share. Now when I drive by a pasture, garden, orchard or agricultural field, I look at them in a completely different light and wonder whats going on underneath. I fell in love with soil and composting (as cheesy at it may sound). I know this newly found passion can help others and give people a better holistic option over fertilizers and pesticides. For all these reasons I’m driven to become a soil consultant.
J. Jurcevic

Thanks! This class has been a terrific step in building on the knowledge I have gained from university education and time in the field. I intend to put it to good use.

I just wanted to thank you guys for offering such informative courses. I just had to take the time to tell you guys from the bottom of my heart thank you so much.  I am extremely glad that I decided to take the courses offered by ECI.
D. Jacobs

I have enjoyed and learned a great deal through the four courses.

These Revelations are here to help us to see the truth of ourselves and help change our Relationship with the ALL.
J. Wayne B.

Thanks so much Carole. I have really loved the course and learned so much. Not just interesting facts and questions but really useful practical information and skills that I can now apply. It has been an amazing journey of exploration  into a different world of such beauty and function. I look   forward to continuing my understanding and application of the information and techniques use all at Environment Celebration have taught me. Thank you all so much, please  pass on my sincere appreciation to all the team.
J. Van Veen

I am really enjoying the course so far!  I’ve been working with a few previous students who took the course here on island and we have had really good luck making biologically diverse compost (microscope tested!!) and we have made a few successful attempts at bringing those organisms back into small patches of land as well. Mahalo for reaching out and for playing a part in such a wonderful and necessary movement!
W. Williams

I just wanted to thank you for the Institute and your inputs into my life and education.
L. L. Barron

This class was eye-opening to me! (The Class goes through) all the factors playing into the quality of our brews, sharing what actually works from the experience gathered in the past few years – and why! My first brew after the course was already quite different from the ones I’d been making before – much more fungal, which had seemed an impossible task to now. If you’re serious about making and using proper compost tea, this course is going to up your game in a stellar fashion!

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the courses and learning much. Really appreciate…. the work you all do to put this program together. 
M. Nasson-Kurgpold

I’m learning a lot. Thank you.

Thanks for the wonderful / rare information.
C. Joseph

I am thoroughly enjoying your web classes. I don’t understand why all soil scientists don’t approach soil fertility through the lens of soil biology. Does it simply go back to the issue of Who funds the land-grant research?? Thanks again for putting this class together. I’m having such a great time. Looking forward to the sessions to come.
K. Rutan-Jorgensen

Thank you for everything.

I…learned a ton about life in the soil, how large-scale commercial farming damages the environment and all life on earth, the nutritional value of plants that feed the food chain, and toxicity (GMO’s, glyphosate, and chemical crop amendments) that comes from ignoring Nature’s rules in favor of man’s questionable Big Ag techniques. The course explains how commercial farming practices and approaches destroy life in the soil, and with it nutritional value, resistance to disease, the breakdown of toxins by bacteria, and the earth’s ecology. (The) teachings make plants grow to their full potential (nutrient value, disease resistance, pest resistance, and stress-tolerant), feeds the food chain, heals the environment, and sequesters carbon back into biomass, instead of being released into the atmosphere. The principles and best practices are cutting edge information that every grower, food industry professional, healthcare educator, and parent of an affected child should learn, because this information is absolutely affecting all life on earth from the microscopic to the macroscopic, whether you know it or not. This information is more than important to Man’s future, and the future of the planet. It’s the only way we’re going to restore balance to world we live on as guests, and save ourselves.

I absolutely loved the first session, very informative and nicely structured.
N. Hasnain

Thanks for putting this site (the soil microbe library as part of the microscope class) together. it is a great companion to the microscope class. I have found the site to be well organized and very helpful.
S. Brooks

I am so enjoying your classes. Thank you.
L. Spier

What a beautiful job you have done on your website. Congratulations! I just recently completed and 4 part launch and learn and shared some of things I learned from your classes.

Love this class, thank you for continuing on with the series.
S. Skam

I am really enjoying the lectures and especially enjoyed your work on the GEM version of Klebsielle Planticulo.
P. Gregory

I’m excited to be in this class and thinking about a Masters degree.
B. Samuelson

I’ve just finished up with the self paced life in the soil course (loved it!)
T. Windle

I love everything i am learning. I’ve been eyeing this course for 5 years, and have been saving my money for it. I would have paid full price, it just would have taken me more time to get there. I am passionate about this work and the potential that exists in using it to make the world a much healthier and better place for all. I am constantly thinking about how important this work is and can’t wait to start implement it. just this morning, I ordered some of your nature’s solution products to start inoculating my garden right away. I truly believe in this method and feel that being involved in this work, is being a part of a powerful life-affirming revolution. this is something can really get behind. I’ve already convinced a couple farmers to convert and have been asked by multiple people to consult for them. It just makes so much sense to me, is a no brainer and not AT ALL difficult to promote. It’s hard to not become deflated and depressed by looking at the state of world: the big corporate mismanagement of land and resources, greed, corruption, misuse of power, and abuse of our precious planet Earth. I’m always wondering how I can contribute positively and be part of the solution. this is one way I believe I can contribute, this is something touches everyone and everything: intimately, down to earth, and practical. I’ve been a nature lover and gardener my whole life. I’ve spent thousands of hours observing nature and deeply resonate with the symbiosis I see.

I thoroughly enjoyed my studies through ECI.
Tim B.

I have very much enjoyed your classes.
P. Francis

I just finished the Life in the Soil Class online and enjoyed it very much. It really pulled a lot of the pieces I had been learning from various other sources into a very coherent package. I really feel that I learned a lot and I am very excited to apply my knowledge to my farming operation. I am very much looking forward to completing the compost, compost tea and microscope classes in the very near future.