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Stop Using Chemicals!
Grow Organic! Add Biology!
5 Tips for Success

Webinar Overview

Webinar: Dr. Carole Ann Rollins, Speaker, Environmental Educator

Title: Stop Using Chemicals! Grow Organic! Add Biology!
5 Tips for Success

Duration: 60 Minutes

Date & Time: Wednesday, August 14th at 11 AM (PST).

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There will be a drawing held at the Webinar to win three Online Classes, Compost, Compost Tea and Extract, and Microscope Classes  (valued at $997 each) and five 10 Steps to Gardening with Nature eBooks (valued at $24.95 each).
You must register AND submit a question by 12:00 noon (PST) on 8/13/19 in order to qualify for the drawing.

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Webinar Speaker

Dr. Carole Ann Rollins
CEO and President
Environment Celebration Institute

  • Current
    Dr. Rollins is the President and CEO of the Environment Celebration
    Institute, a non-profit dedicated to providing environmentally-friendly
    educational materials, products and classes to people around the world.
  • Publications
    Carole has written four books, a poster, and a manual in simple easy to
    understand language to help people every-where learn how to Garden
    with Nature.
  • Education and Experience
    She has 25 years of experience in the field of Environmental Education.
    She has a PhD. in Environmental Science, a M.A. in Environmental
    Education, and an A.B. and B.S. undergraduate degrees in Conservation
    of Natural Resources and Architecture. Carole initiated and taught an
    Environmental Education and Design Class as UC Berkeley for five years.
  • Awards, Grants, and Honors
    Millenium Green Award, The White House, Sustainable Landscape Design
    National Endowment for the Arts
    The Wildlife Federation
    The Audubon Society
    The State of California Outdoor Education Program.
    Commencement speaker, College of Agricultural Science, UC Berkeley.

Webinar Summary

Here’s what you can learn

  • How to tell the difference between synthetic and organic fertilizers
  • How to create a different mind-set required for growing organically
  • How to add biology, the essential component to Garden with Nature
  • How to beware of “Bugs in a Bottle”
  • How to ignore the myths about mycorrhizal fungi

Questions to Ask Yourself

Are chemical fertilizers just costing you too much?
Do your plants just not seem to look as healthy as in the past?
Do you want to sell organic produce to make more money?
Do you want to feed your family fresh fruits and vegetables?
Do you want to stop using pesticides and herbicides?
Do you want to save time and money and be more efficient?
Are you a hydroponics grower who wants to transition to organics?
Are you a grower that wants bigger and better plants for less money?

Learning from Mother Nature

Dr. Rollins will share knowledge and give you simple and easy to understand ready-to-use information about how to grow organically and sustainably following the way Mother Nature has been doing it for thousands of years. Now you can put these lessons into practice in your own growing systems – from small-scale back yard gardening to large-scale agricultural settings, in soil or soilless media, in green-houses, or indoor grow rooms.

Knowledge to Put into Practice

Transition from using Chemicals to Organic Growing!
Enhance your existing Organic or Sustainable Growing!
Gain new knowledge that you can immediately put into practice!

Webinar Sponsor

Environment Celebration Institute
13193 Oro Quincy Hwy
Berry Creek, California


The primary objectives of this non-profit public benefit corporation:

  • To promote, develop and provide sustainable green practices and related
    educational materials for adults and children
  • To promote respect for and appreciation of the natural environment
    whether in urban, rural, or wilderness areas
  • To support scientific research for sustainable green practices for
    agriculture and home gardening
  • To promote the sustainable use of our natural resources, and
  • To promote peace, harmony, and dignity among all living beings.

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Mother Nature’s Biological-Organic Growing System